Dear Arboretum Friends,

If you are like me and believe that communities are stronger and happier when we have beautiful parks and public gardens to relax and recreate in then I invite you to join me in financially supporting the Yakima Area Arboretum.  My name is Julie Johnson and I am an Arboretum board member, volunteer and supporter of this wonderful organization.

I believe the Yakima Area Arboretum is a serene place of beauty and an often underappreciated community treasure.  The Arboretum is a place where families celebrate special events such as weddings, birthdays and quinceañeras, and/or enjoy one of our free community events such as Arbor Fest and Luminaria.  All of these gatherings engage and foster a sense of belonging and strengthen our community.

Over the years I have personally enjoyed many aspects of the Arboretum including: the spring plant sale, fun and educational classes, and walking the Luminaria trail during the Christmas season. However, Autumn Bounty, the Arboretum’s major annual fundraiser, is the event I have been most involved with. I have met many wonderful friends at Autumn Bounty and I always enjoy connecting with some of the Arboretum’s supporters over why we love it here. Autumn Bounty is a critical fundraiser for the Arboretum and needs everyone’s support, including yours now more than ever as we start to wrap up this year’s event.

As an Arboretum board member, we are constantly working to maintain and improve the Arboretum’s financial situation. Because we are a non-profit, we receive no other funding except through donations or what we generate ourselves. The funds raised by Autumn Bounty, especially, have always been put right back into the Arboretum’s operating budget to pay for our events and popular children’s Nature Day Camp, among other things.

This year, due to the impact of Covid-19 and the need to shut down our building facilities, we are faced with a current budget shortfall of over $100,000. We need your help and financial support now more than ever to decrease this shortfall.  Please join me in helping to secure the future of this community treasure by donating today, any amount will help, online or by mail.

Thank you.

Julie Johnson