Our Mission


Established in 1967 by the Central District of the Washington State Federation of Garden Clubs (36 garden clubs in all), the Yakima Area Arboretum is a non-profit organization supported by the generosity of its members and sponsors, and through the hard work and dedication of its staff and volunteers. The Yakima Area Arboretum is a living museum, of over 1000 specimens of trees, forbs, grasses and shrubs, on 46 acres of land managed as collections, display gardens and natural areas.

The Arboretum seeks to educate, demonstrate, and inspire an appreciation of native and adapted non-native plants in an atmosphere of beauty and relaxation. The Arboretum encourages sound arboricultural practices, sustainable gardening and community participation.


“To inspire people of all ages to discover and connect with nature through a diverse collection of trees and shrubs hardy to the Inland Northwest.”

Values and Vision


The Arboretum provides a place for families of all backgrounds to gather, experience joy, and give back to their community.


The Arboretum provides opportunities to celebrate the inherent natural beauty and ambiance of a unique and evolving collection of trees.


The Arboretum provides a range of recreational opportunities that are accessible, unstructured, and interconnected throughout a diverse and varied landscape.


The Arboretum will provide opportunities to deepen connections between people and the natural world by enhancing wildlife habitat and demonstrating sound ecological practices in an urban forest landscape.


The Arboretum will provide an inspiring refuge for contemplation, well-being, and the opportunity to connect with a deeper sense of inner peace and tranquility.


The Arboretum provides a learning space to showcase the importance of trees, teach people of all ages about natural systems, and support research to further the knowledge of the community and the wider world.