Showing the Arboretum some Love!

Thank you for sharing why the Yakima Area Arboretum is important  to you.

Colleen Adams-Schuppe

Executive Director – Yakima Area Arboretum

Colleen asks you to show the Arboretum some love.

Colleen Smith

Director of Sol Shine Preschool

Colleen is an Arboretum member, supporter and director of the Sol Shine Nature Preschool that operates during the school year on the Arboretum grounds.  Learn more at

Marci Venable

Volunteer and Class Instructor

Marci is an Arboretum volunteer and member who has taught our popular holiday centerpiece classes for over a decade.  Needless to say she is pretty awesome!

“I moved to Yakima from the west side a few years ago and have been coming to the arboretum with my two dogs most days of the week.

I take pictures daily of the beautiful Arboretum and of course my doggies. It’s our absolute favorite place!

I wanted to say thank you to all the people who work behind the scenes for this lovely gem of a place. It’s always so beautiful and we love it there.

I’m the lady with the Beagle and TerrierX. ??

Lorie Ann Thomas

Arboretum User

Anne Harrison

Co-Owner Knight Hill Winery and First Vice-Pres YAA Board of Directors

“A peaceful calm green oasis is what we all need right now.  The Arboretum is open to everyone and a great place to hug a tree.” 


Chris Reid

YAA Member and Supporter

Chris and her husband Denny Granstrand are longtime members and supporters of the Arboretum. Chris can often be seen walking the grounds, attending classes, volunteering, and supporting the Arboretum’s many events. Here’s why she loves the Arboretum.

Garrett Brenden

YAA Education and Outreach Coordinator

Garrett “Bull Trout” Brenden, the Yakima Area Arboretum’s Education and Outreach Coordinator, talks about his work connecting kids with nature and why your support is needed to sustain these programs.

Denny Granstrand

Arboretum and Audubon Member

Denny Granstrand has been maintaining the Arboretum’s bird blind for over 20 years.  All winter long he carts heavy bags of birdseed to the blind so visitors like you can experience the joy of watching birds and other critters feed up close and personal. Thank you for helping us care for the Arboretum!

Guillermo Rivero

YAA Board Member and Owner of Epiklar Landscape Design

Guillermo’s interests in plants and public gardens drew him to volunteer at the Arboretum. He has been instrumental in helping the Arboretum develop a new master plan and he invites you to help him make this plan a reality.

Stuart Simmons

President of the YAA Board of Directors

Stu is a longtime supporter and volunteer at the Arboretum.  As board president he has been instrumental in helping guide the organization through the Covid-19 pandemic.  He is serious about the longterm sustainability of the organization.

Lance Forsee

Arboretum Supporter

Lance Forsee grew up in the Yakima Valley and has enjoyed watching the Arboretum grow into an urban forest. Lance has served on the Arboretum’s board of directors, helped with the new master plan, and as the owner of Colonial Lawn and Garden, even sends a crew out each week to help spruce up around the Jewett Interpretive Center.