Maribel & Ruben

September 16, 2023

About the Couple

Maribel and Ruben knew they were soulmates right away! From the moment they met, they recognized in each other the same personality, humor, interests, and caring attitudes. “I can truly say we are best friends” shared the bride. Seven years on, their love continues to flourish, a testament to the depth of their connection.

Picking the Perfect Place

Maribel and Ruben enjoyed many dates on the Arboretum’s grounds during their courtship. They would often visit and talk about “how beautiful it looked during the Summer with all the greenery around.” From the moment Ruben proposed, the bride knew she wanted an outdoor wedding and said that the Yakima Area Arboretum was “the perfect venue for us.”  

Surrounded by Love

Maribel recalls that a particularly special moment of their day was “walking out and seeing everybody that showed up.” Ruben and Maribel were the first to get married on both sides of their families, so everybody was emotional and excited to celebrate their love. They felt so loved and celebrated!

Her advice…

“Take weather into consideration!” Also, remember that you can use the scenery to compliment your wedding theme.

The Arboretum staff would like to add that the Solarium room is an excellent addition to your reception area for guests that are more sensitive to the weather. The large windows overlooking the Founder’s Courtyard allowing for attendees to feel like their still in the wedding atmosphere while staying in a climate-controlled area!

Photos were generously provided by the bride and taken by Jessica, her Instagram handle is @photossbyjess linked here.

Thank you Maribel and Ruben for choosing the Yakima Area Arboretum for your special day!