Mirtha & Saul

August 27, 2022

About the Couple

Mirtha and Saul’s story began in college, where they connected through a shared group of friends. Over the course of their seven-year relationship, they enjoyed various activities together, from friendly volleyball matches to exploring different restaurants. Together, they’ve faced the challenges of new cities and new jobs.

For Mirtha, the certainty of Saul being “the one” lies in their unique and special bond. “We bring out the best in each other in every possible way,” she notes, emphasizing the strength of their connection. As they continue to navigate life side by side, Mirtha expresses gratitude that they’re both in it together, making their journey through this unpredictable life all the more meaningful.

Picking the Perfect Place

Mirtha and Saul have friends and family from all over Washington, so it was important to them that they chose a centralized location with a beautiful landscape. Embracing the refreshing evening air on a hot summer night, their special first dance unfolded amidst a sunset backdrop and enchanting bistro lights, surrounded by cherished friends and family. Mirtha reminisces, “we were in the moment and it felt like it was just us, alone and in love. “

Advice for Future Arboretum Couples

For couples getting ready to tie the knot at the Arboretum, here’s a practical tip: coordinate your decorators so they come in one after the other with some overlap. This way, each vendor has the space they need without getting in each other’s way. Mirtha thought this was key to a stress-free day.

The arboretum staff loved their use of cold sparklers. Not only did it create a dazzling spectacle, but it also ensured that the grounds remained safe from any potential fire hazards. It was a perfect balance of wow-factor without compromising on safety. 

Photographs were taken by Maria Marin and generously provided by the bride. You can find more of her work here or by searching @mariajphotography_ on Instagram.

Thank you Mirtha and Saul for choosing the Yakima Area Arboretum for your special day!