Anakaren & Sam

October 22, 2022

About the Couple

Sam is known for his reserved nature, while Anakaren is boisterous and vivacious, always seeking out an audience. They became friends young and officially started dating in their senior year of high school. 

Anakaren light-heartedly recalls that when she and Sam first started dating she “was convinced Sam would kick [her] to the curb within 3 months.” Now they are celebrating their 10 year dating anniversary! She knew he was The One when a group of their friends were together performing a dance battle and Anakaren attempted a move that ended in her landing HARD on the ground. Sam graciously laughed at her while also still coming to her rescue and in that moment she thought “he’s it.. He’s my safe space and my happy space!” 

Choosing the Arboretum

“It really was a no-brainer” Anakaren said. She highlighted that the Arboretum had played a role in so many of the big moments of her life, like her Quinceanera and her senior photos. Additionally, the Japanese Garden was “the stuff of dreams for an outdoor ceremony, secluded enough that it feels private, but open enough to have all our friends and family there with us.”

Advice for Future Arboretum Couples

Anakaren was surprised when her late October wedding turned out to be hot and sunny. “Weather is so unpredictable in Yakima, have a plan A and plan B but in all honesty, sometimes the most unplanned situations are the ones that make for the best memories. So go with the flow, or better yet, go where the wind takes you!” 

Honorary Details

Sadly, Anakaren’s older brother passed away in 2011. However, she felt like he was there with them through the thoughtful remembrance details her family included. On her bouquet,  her sister and mother added a charm with a picture of her brother on one side and the other side of the charm said “I know you’d be here today, if heaven weren’t so far away.” Additionally, a “Seat Reserved for Someone in Heaven” sign was placed on one of the ceremony chairs to represent his presence.

Thank you Anakaren and Sam for choosing Yakima Area Arboretum for your special day! 

Photos were taken by Mayra Photography and generously provided by the bride.